HeART Sessions  

HeART Sessions are not open mics; they are topic based workshops that implement the HeART Education curriculum developed by Leila Steinberg.  The Arts (language, performing and visual) are utilized as the primary means to develop emotional literacy. Emotional Literacy is defined as the the ability to understand emotions in self and others, the ability to empathize with the emotions, and the ability to express emotions productively.  AIM for the heART as an organization believes the by-product of emotional literacy and development improves the condition of one’s life--moving it from pain to promise, and from challenges to possibilities.  


All Artist Facilitators working under AIM for the heART have completed our heArt Education training. HeART Sessions are workshops that are easily adaptable to a variety of spaces including community centers, schools, juvenile halls, prisons, group homes, and recovery centers.  Hybrid workshops are also able to adapt to individual concerns of the facility into workshops through topics.


We currently have two on-going community-based heArt Sessions in Long Beach and Santa Monica. Contact Marisol for more information:



Be Apart of AIM

AIM will be collaborating with foreign partners to water the seeds of HeART education that have been planted in various locations around the globe, sharing Leila's curriculum and providing guidance and support. AIM also has an executive position dedicated to local and national strategic partnerships. It is through these partnerships that communities around the U.S. will reap the benefit of multiple arts & social justice organizations working in concert to provide top quality arts education alternatives to those youth who otherwise would have no access.


If you are interested in working with AIM or in bringing an AIM workshop or assembly to your community, please contact us at 


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Poet and Visual Artist D performing at  Long Beach heART Sessions.
Facilitator Arron Taylor & son present collaborative painting created to the topic of sugar.  
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Together, we are transforming hearts and minds utilizing the arts to develop emotional literacy!

The Mic Sessions & HeART Sessions are now Virtual!


With the world changing as quickly and drastically as it currently is, Aim4theHeart is making the HeART curriculum available to globally through a series of Zoom conferences that continue weekly. Since Spring of 2020, HeART Sessions hosted by Marisol is held on Tuesdays nights on Zoom and Leila hosts The Mic Sessions on Monday nights on Clubhouse. Contact us directly for more information on how to participate in our virtual workshops


heART Education Facilitator Trainings


heArt Education Facilitator Training

Our International Facilitator Training model is a hybrid between heArt Sessions and our facilitator training that empowers the transition to developing a heART Sessions Workshop in the host country.  A team of AIM Artists and heART Education Facilitators will scaffold the transition by training during the day and hosting heART Sessions in the evening.  This hybrid model allows for the new facilitators to take over the workshop by the end of the training with the support of heART Education facilitators.  

International Facilitator Training Package Includes:

3-Day heArt Education Training

heART Education Manual

Opportunity to observe heArt Sessions Workshop

Follow up phone/email support (1 year)

Zoom Support

Completion Certificate

Opportunity to Intern as a facilitator for AIM 4 the HEART


Music is Medicine Assemblies

We provide 60-90 minute assemblies for schools, juvenile halls, youth facilities and special events.  Assemblies are driven by an emotional literacy curriculum called heArt Education that acknowledges a number of the factors that impact an individual’s emotional health.  Each assembly engages youth participants through the use of keynote speakers and performing artists that are part of or affiliated with our organization that have been empowered to overcome adversity, gangs, violence, poverty, and pain through the use of their artistry.  Our assemblies are an introduction to the work we do as an organization and the heART Education curriculum and are easily adapted to both small and large group settings, schools, juvenile halls, youth facilities, conferences, and special events.


During the pandemic, our interactive Music is Medicine Assemblies are being offered digitally.


Facilitator Training @ House of Armour


Community Collaboration & Showcase Performances

AIM 4 the HEART has collaborated in special events for Polytechnic High School's PAAL Campus, Pico Youth & Family Center, Change the Tune, City of Long Beach, California African American Museum, USC, Long Beach Convention Center, Hopics Trauma Center, KPFK, KPRP and Homeland Cultural Center.

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