Our Team

The people bring it all together...
Leila Steinberg

Founder/Board Member

Through the work developed with Tupac over two decades ago, Leila fuses creative expression, social medicine, and behavioral science. She holds over three decades of artistry, producing, community organizing, management, projects, and many titles to her credit. In addition to being the mother of four and a grandmother, she now dedicates herself full time to her non-profit organization AIM. Leila’s work has drawn from street culture as well as a transcendental understanding of art’s power to heal and improve emotional states and behavior. With the release of her heart education (emotional literacy) curriculum Leila will expand her speaking and training nationally and internationally to give people tools to heal from trauma, violence, pain and embrace their full potential as human beings and healthy members of society

Marisol Ibanez-Tintorer

Director of Programming

​​Marisol Ibanez-Tintorer is a Cuban-American with over 10 years of experience working with AIM for the heArt who is currently serving as AIM 4 the HEART’s Director of Programming.  She is a HEART Education facilitator, curriculum trainer, and the developer of AIM 4 the HEART’s train-the-trainer model. She is one of the co-founders of the Long Beach heArt Sessions and co-author to the-upcoming book, HEART Education. Marisol holds a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from UCSC and a Master’s Degree from the University of La Verne in Educational Counseling and has over 20 years teaching experience working directly with high-risk youth in California public schools. She has extensive experience in curriculum development. A full-time teacher and Activities Specialist at Polytechnic High School’s PAAL Campus, Marisol has authored and designed the framework for the Ethnic Studies, Restorative Justice and Social Justice courses.  She advocates passionately for the expansion of social and emotional education, implementation of restorative practices and the development of Trauma Informed Campuses in K-12 education and serves as a consultant for Buena Park School District. Recently, she has begun to train teachers in the implementation of Restorative Practices and serves as a Restorative Justice Coordinator and facilitator for the California Conference of Equality and Justice’s Building Bridges Camp. With over 20 years of activism and organizing experience working with Indigenous Rights, Latino, Social Justice and youth organizations. She is an active poet, painter, silversmith, and multi-media artist.

Stuart Summerville

Director of Strategy, Alliances and Partnerships


Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Stu is a graduate of Indiana University, where he finished his undergraduate coursework in 2 years at the age of 18. Stu moved to Los Angeles in Fall 2016 to attend USC Gould School of Law, and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in May 2019 at the age of 21. Through AIM’s connection to USC, Stu developed his artistic voice as a hip-hop artist, screenwriter, actor, director, and poet.. As a result, Stu’s storytelling manifests across multiple forms of media and refuses to shy away from his intellectual, nuanced perspective. Following the release of his extended play debut The Bar Study EP at the beginning of 2020, he’s currently releasing S2’s Days, a multimedia project following a single protagonist, S2art (pronounced “stuart”), releasing new content on Tuesday each week in 2020. Tune in @_s2art on all social media platforms!

Blake Walker

Director of Public Relations, USC Liaison


Blake Walker is a graduate of USC Gould School of Law. While at USC Law, Blake received the very prestigious USC Gould Edward and Eleanor Shattuck Award acknowledging her contributions to the legal field and the community. She was the recipient of the highest scholarship from Langston Bar Association and received an award and scholarship from Black Women Lawyers. Before coming to USC, she graduated magna cum laude with her Master’s from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After graduating, she was one of ten journalism students selected nationwide for the prestigious CBS Meredith-Cronkite fellowship. Prior to graduate school, Blake obtained her Bachelor’s from Pepperdine University. For three years, Blake worked for the NBA with the Phoenix Suns as Public Relations Liaison under the Vice President of Basketball Communications. Following her time at the Suns, she worked in the legal and government affairs department at NBCUniversal. While at USC, Blake studied corporate law within the entertainment, technology and sports sector. She was also very passionate about helping those currently incarcerated. She studied the criminal law system as a certified law student in the Post-Conviction Justice Project and had the opportunity to represent inmates at their parole hearings. She also was chosen as a Saks Scholar for her research in the intersection of criminal justice and mental health. She was a student in the best criminal lecture series at USC law taught by Professor Jody Armour and facilitated by Leila Steinberg called Stereotypes, Prejudice and the Rule of Law diving deeper into the study of the criminal justice system with the focus primarily being on the intersection of law, justice and art. In the class, she had the opportunity to go to San Quentin with Aim4theHeart foundations founder Leila Steinberg and talk with inmates about their experiences in the criminal justice system. Blake continues to go to San Quentin with Aim4theHeArt foundation and is a co-facilitator for Aim4theHeArt foundations bi-monthly workshops in San Quentin and Los Angeles. Following law school, Blake worked in Big Law. After about a year at the law firm, she transitioned back into entertainment by joining an entertainment management company. 


Louis King

Board Member


​​Louis King is an International Touring Hip-Hop Artist, Music Producer & Educator. His highly anticipated 2020 release “De LA West Los” was labeled the “Sound of West LA” by AllHipHop.com. Louis has toured in over 20 countries as a performer & tour manager with artists such as the Outlawz, Earl Sweatshirt, Anderson Paak + more. Louis has worked with top hollywood composers such as Patrick Doyle & John Powell on soundtracks including Solo: A Stars Story and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. You may have seen Louis performing his heartfelt spoken word piece "Where Will I Go” on Chelsea Handler's new Netflix Documentary "Hi Privilege, it’s me Chelsea”. Louis released 156 songs in one year as part of a called the “Beautiful Grind Collection”. While he continues working on his art, he’s committed to facilitating workshops, assemblies & concerts in schools, prisons & community centers with Leila Steinberg and aim4theheart.org. As an Educator, Louis has spoken at universities such as Harvard, Princeton & USC. He will be presenting his TedxTalk “The Power of Music & Art on the Heart” at San Diego State University in the fall of 2020. Louis is also renown as an award winning social justice filmmaker, who won a Division 1 National Championship at Villanova University.

Keki Dexter

Director of Media and Administration 


​​ Born in Mobile, Alabama, Keki draws inspiration in her art from her southern roots, complicated history and an objective to challenge the current power structure with thought provoking lyricism. With a distinguishable style, Keki has a voice that is unique, catchy and powerful over the modern hip-hop beats she pairs with her words. Her body of work includes four music videos, one album and 4 singles. A dynamic creative, Keki’s background includes rap, dance, graphic design, video production, acting and writing. She uses these as tools to enlighten her community with encouraging content that uplifts and strengthens them. Her activism began in college at The University of Alabama, where she obtained her Bachelors in Arts Communication. There she began using her natural talent for connecting with people, leading projects and enthusiasm to share knowledge for  several notable causes. She created a mentorship program for young women called Aida to Fari, produced a documentary about the bias Muslim women face in a predominately Christian white town and supported various functions centered around educating the student body about black history. In Los Angeles, she has been an active member of AIM for three years, where she’s developed in weekly Mic Sessions, participated in several school assemblies, volunteered at San Quentin and performed at several fundraisers. She has also performed during the Cherish Hands Foundations events dedicated to enriching the lives of foster children. Currently she’s the Director of Media and Art with AIM, starting her own business and continuing to use her voice and musical skills to promote positive messages for the masses.

Jody David Armour

Board Member

Jody is the Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law at the University of Southern California. He earned his A.B. degree in Sociology and Philosophy at Harvard University and his J.D. degree with honors from Boalt Hall Law School at the University of California, Berkeley. His book Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism: The Hidden Costs of Being Black in America, (New York University Press, 1997), received the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award. He is currently working on a book entitled HeArts and Minds in Blame and Punishment.