What type of service does AIM Provide?


AIM provides on-site arts development programming based on AIM’s heART education curriculum. Typically, each workshop is a 12-14 week workshop located at externally managed facilities like high schools, juvenile halls, community centers, or lock up facilities.

Does AIM provide management service to artists?


No. AIM does not directly provide management services for artists.






Does AIM provide case management for workshop attendees?


No. AIM does not provide any case management, counseling, or clinical services.  


What can I expect from participating in an AIM workshop?


Regular participants at AIM workshops get constructive feedback from facilitators, peers and observers on their composition, delivery and advanced potential. Participants often further develop by active collaboration with other artists.

How do I get AIM to host a workshop at my school, facility, or community center?


The best way to contact the organization is via email: info@AIM4theHeArt.org.


How much does an AIM workshop cost and what can I expect if my school, facility, or community center wants an AIM assembly or series?


Individual participants may attend an AIM workshop for free. Partner organizations interested in contracting AIM Programs can contact us to discuss which program would best meet your needs via email.


What is HeArt education?


HeART sessions are driven by an Emotional Literacy curriculum called heART education which allows those who participate to “read”, comprehend, and responsibly express emotions.  Not to be confused with the transactional analysis model of emotional literacy, heART education deals with Emotional Literacy in a manner that acknowledges all the factors that would impact an individual’s emotional health.  This curriculum stems from a belief that everyone has a creative voice and everyone can utilize this voice for improvement.  The strength of heART education Sessions stems not only from attention to participants’ emotional needs and development but from the artist facilitator's’ awareness of and willingness to share their own emotional development, experiences, knowledge, and talents in an organic fashion.


How are artist facilitators chosen? What kind of credentials or training do they have?


AIM facilitators and artist educators are chosen based upon a wide combination of factors including educational credentials, life experience, professional recommendations and student feedback. All instructors must then satisfactorily complete a a 3-day training and a 12-week internship training to refine facilitation skills and to learn how to implement the AIM curriculum.


How are donations to AIM used?


All donations are used for programming and program related expenses.  

Online donations may be by email using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or personal check to: donations at AIM4theHeArt.org